How did we get here? Where the next logical step is for an 18 year old to decide what they want to do with their life & sign away tens of thousands in the process. This is the safe choice? The largely unquestioned choice?

Please, don’t get me wrong. Education is important. Continuous learning goes hand in hand with becoming the best you can be. 

But, what is wrong is the idea that education can only be furthered through an institution. What is wrong is that the same institution set up to breed success halts many as soon as they leave its doors. 

What is wrong is that one step forward costs two steps back. 



You wouldn’t buy a house without exploring the ins & outs. You wouldn’t buy a car without first doing research. So, why is it that we pressure 18 year olds to purchase their future without first encouraging them to understand themselves?

If we weren’t all rushed into this cycle maybe there would be time to explore ourselves & make better decisions for our future. How would that effect job turnover? Unhappiness in the workplace?



How old were you when you made your first thousand dollars? Now, how old were you when you got your first loan for tens of thousands of dollars?

There’s no way for an 18 year old to understand the amount of debt they’re signing into when they’ve never came close to earning the type of money they’re being loaned.

Regardless, we’re 3 years into school, $60K deep & it turns out we really aren’t that into accounting. Never really liked math anyway.

Better learn to like it, kid.



If we took more time to develop into the people we are to become after the 4 sheltered years in high school, maybe we’d be better at deciding what we want to invest in.

In the mean time we can travel, try new things & if we’re lucky, uncover our passion.

Most importantly, we’d experience life, the ups & downs, not another 4 years of shelter protecting us from the world. Only this time, we wouldn’t first be attacking it with the chains of debt wrapped around our ankle.



More than anything, I want to inspire anyone who sees this to take the time to ask themselves the hard questions. Is college the route for me? What do I love? How can I find out?

Answer these questions now. Don’t wait until you’ve graduated. Don’t wait until you’ve taken a job you don’t love. Don’t wait until it’s too late. There is more than enough time to learn about yourself, to set a plan & to follow through.

I’ve taken the time to research possible alternatives & opportunities. You can check them out here